Basic Care Information


1.) Please give me a bath at least once a week. I may not particularly care for it, or I may actually LIKE it, but I will get "greasy" and leave dirty places on your furniture if you donít bath me. I may also rub my cheeks on corners of objects Ė this is where my scent glands are located and after awhile the grease from my skin can leave a brown stain if not consistently cleaned. Call my breeder if you need help in bathing me. Iím used to J&J Baby Shampoo!


2.) Please clean my ears at least once a week. You should use (VET SOLUTIONS) Ear Cleaning Solution. You can use Q-tips (though I will eat them if you let me Ė not too deep in my ears please!) and cotton balls. You can pick up this ear cleaner at your local vet office. Remember that if you do not clean my ears I might get an ear infection or have ugly, dirty ears. This applies to my toes as well! I can get the same kind of waxy substance in the folds between my nails and toe and you need to clean it out Ė an unscented baby wipe works great for this and works even better right after bath time!


3.) Please clean my eyes daily. Since I donít have eyelashes I can get little particles in them that may hurt me. Using a plain damp Kleenex (unscented or without lotion) will work for this.


4.) Please DONíT LET ME GO OUTSIDE!!! I may want to, but there are many "bad" things outside that can hurt me or make me very sick.


5.) Please DO NOT USE FLEA & TICK TOPICAL MONTHLY MEDICINES on me (Revolution, Advantage, Frontline, etc.) This can KILL ME DEAD.


6.) Please clip my nails at least once a week. Do this in bright light so you can see where my nail ends and my nail beds begin (donít clip the part with the blood vessel). This will help keep me from scratching up things you donít want me to scratch. My philosophy is that if

you donít want an animal that barks, donít get a dogÖ if you donít want an animal that needs to scratch, donít get a cat! Declawing is mutilation of the toes and should only be done in extreme cases (including but not limited to losing its home).


7.) Would you please get me something that it IS ok for me to scratch on? An old rug or old chair that you donít mind me scratching up is good. Look at garage sales in your area for a cheap chair or ottoman. I also like wooden poles with rope wrapped around them! As tall as you can get! You may want to pin upholstery plastic on the corners of your nice furniture until I am trained on my scratching post. It is clear and will protect your furniture. You can get it at any fabric store. We learned to use a scratching post at the place where I was born. You can also use a squirt bottle filled with water on me if you see me scratching in an area I am not allowed to scratch.


8.) Please DON'T HIT ME if Iím badÖ I do not understand what "hitting" means, it only hurts and it will make me afraid of you - use a spray bottle filled with water to "squirt" me and clap your hands loudly saying "NO" when I do something wrong! This will teach me that

what I did was a "no, no".


9.) Please give me someplace warm I can sleep. When Iím not "snuggling" with you or you are gone I will need a little place of my own that is warm to sleep Ė the pet stores have nice little "covered cat beds" that I will really like (of course I will prefer being with you

when you are home). You can also locate a pet heating pad at your local pet store or online veterinary supply stores.


10.) Please leave food and fresh water out for me all day.

I use & recommend

(Donít use Friskies or 9-Lives ďor brands like themĒ as the canned or dry) They do NOT have the essential amino acids and other nutrients.

 (NOTE: if you change me over to another cat food that I am not eating currently please do so very slowly as this can cause stomach upset.) I eat a lot since I donít have any hair and need more energy to keep me warm. Remember that meat only will not provide all the nutrients I need so I must have vitamins added or dry food that contains those needed supplements.




11.) Please empty my litter box DAILY!!!!! I do not like a dirty litter box and may find someplace else to go if it is not cleaned on a regular basis. Roll Away litter box Keep litter scooped and clean every day, also recommend the new non toxic bleach by Clorox to clean-up to kill any micro-organisms, or so depending on the number of cats we have in our home.


12.) Please supervise me when I am playing with "un-cat" toys. Strings and other "people" objects can get caught in my throat and hurt me very badly or even KILL me!


13.) Please realize that I am a kitten and EVERYTHING looks like a toy to me and will be investigated. You will need to teach me what I can do and what I canít do.


14.) Please make sure I have all my necessary shots and vaccinations and parasite cures. Donít let me around outside cats AT ALL! They may be sick and then make me sick too. Remember that fleas and ticks carry bad diseases as well!


15.) Please give me lots and lots of love as that is what I need most! I will love you unconditionally if you let me. The more you love me the more I will love you.


16.) Please call my breeder if you have any questions about me or anything I am doing. She loves me as much as you do and only wants the best for me!


17) And most important ALWAYS at the first sign of any symptom of onset of any illness take me immediately to a licensed veterinarian.